Operational Consultancy & Management

Sanderson Group operations and management experts have operated the world leading thematic entertainment destinations and are well versed in delivering the very best in operational management to our clients. Sanderson Group sets up operational management systems including, human resource manuals, training services for operations and maintenance personnel, attraction safety manuals, food and beverage operation systems, merchandising operations, entertainment programs, back-of-house systems and procedures, entry and ticketing systems and financial reporting functions.

The operations and management of any destination is absolutely critical to get right and running effectively and efficiently. Sanderson Group experienced industry established team of experts understand the mechanics of visitor behavioural factors, climate and environmental factors, personnel habits and are well informed by in market leading resources to deliver optimum results, and to ensure the on-going success of the client destination.

Expansions & Refurbishments

Sanderson Group is accomplished in this industry, and has proven formulas and schedules to revitalise the destination to re-build foot fall, and visitor expenditure. When overall foot fall diminishes and repeat visitation from the primary market declines it is time to act. Sanderson Group will review the destination and facilities to rejuvenate attendance figures. It is important to continually maintain an impeccably high standard for the destination, thus Sanderson Group will assess and deliver results for expansions and refurbishments through our integrated range of services as detailed from feasibility studies to design through construction to operations and management.