Planning & Design

Market Analysis & Feasibility Studies

A Sanderson market analysis & feasibility study is the foundation of any project and the surest investment a client can make. Our studies provide critical information that is imperative to the successful design and operation of any project, providing attendance and design day projection figures, staffing and resource requirements, full concept review, average daily spend based on visitor demographics, net warranted investment and forecasted return on investment based all on solid statistical information.

Site Analysis & Evaluation

Sanderson Group provides a comprehensive site analysis and evaluation that includes the surrounding land, in line with all of the proposed development components. This review covers a SWOT analysis of the site where Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are identified, as well as insights to site utilization and contextual aspects. This in-depth micro and macro analysis of the site and its surrounding activities ensures cohesiveness and context fluidity with the site.Sanderson Group also considers the legal and ownership constraints, site adjacencies, geographical and contour constraints, as well as climate conditions, site accessibility and connectivity. Sanderson Group also records and analyses the sites visual and acoustic aesthetics which are all essential to successful site and project development.

Master Planning

A Sanderson Master Plan is a comprehensive design package for achieving an overall vision, goals and objectives. Sanderson Group provides a pragmatic approach by identifying opportunities and constraints of a particular project. A Sanderson Master plan encompasses the project scope, components, and interconnectivity, within the facility through zoning plans, access plans, circulation plans, phasing plans and massing studies.

Thematic Conceptual Design

At Sanderson Group, we initiate each tourist attraction and destination project with a clear understanding of process, culture, environment and place, so that our designers can deliver unique, innovative and immersive design concepts that are contextually sensitive. Our conceptual illustrators and sketch artists have ideated some of the most inspiring iconic works that are continued to be enjoyed by millions around the globe every year. Sanderson develops compelling concepts, story lines, themes, design elements, architectural styles, and creative briefs for conceptual proposals which define the project scope to a level ready for the next phase of design.

IP Character Design / Branding & Licensing Agreements

Character design is the visual representation of a character concept and creation. Sanderson Group has the talent to create unique custom characters with full brand definition or facilitate the process of partnering with a recognized and established Intellectual Property owner or Global brand.

3D & CGI

The development of 3D images that offer lifelike representations of the built design are compelling tools to share with our client’s management and marketing teams, as well as with, stakeholders, financial partners and government officials. The development of a CGI fly-through provides a lifelike moving passage through a design at any point of view, be it flying over the site or the walking pace of the guest arrival sequence of a thematic space.